When my husband and I got married nearly three years ago, we knew that we wanted to rent rather than buy a house. Neither one of us knew if we would be staying in the Raleigh area with our jobs, and we did not want to have to deal with selling a house if we did end up moving out of the area. Well, it did not work out that way, because we were both given really great contracts with our respective jobs. We also knew that we wanted to look at Raleigh apartments rather than a house to buy after just a few years.

Living in a house will be nice one day, but we are both just too busy right now. We don’t want kids for at least another five or six years, and we didn’t do a lot of socializing at our house because we usually just met people out somewhere. We thought we wanted a house, but we discovered that it is a lot of maintenance, which is something neither one of us really wanted just yet. We wanted someone else to take care of burnt out bulbs, mowing the grass, shoveling the snow and anything else that would happen to need to be done.

We also knew that an apartment would probably be cheaper than what we were paying for a house too. We looked at different complexes, and we both knew that Autumn Ridge Apartments was where we wanted to live as soon as we saw the pictures there. Not only is the apartment perfect for us, but we are allowed to have a dog there, something our former landlord would not allow. It did not take us long to get accepted there, and we were able to move in as soon as our rental contract expired on the house. We will buy a house one day, when we decide to expand our family, but this is perfect for us right now.

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