When my husband and I wanted to refinance our house, we knew that we were going to have to get it appraised again. When it was first appraised when we bought it, we were actually surprised at how low it came in. We had already agreed to a price though, and we were not able to renegotiate. We made a lot of improvements over the years, and we also purchased an empty lot next door for a crazy low price. We figured that those things would have to make a Sacramento appraiser give us a price closer to what we were thinking it should be.

We knew that if the appraisal came in low, that it would hurt our chances of getting the house refinanced. We were really counting on this to help us with our finances, so we did some research on the different appraisal companies in the area, hoping to find one that had a really good reputation along with a good turnaround time. When we looked at Sacramento Valley Appraisal, we knew that it was the company that we were going to use after looking over all of the information on their site.

What really impressed us the most were the testimonials. Some of the other appraisal sites we saw also had testimonials, but they were usually just a few words or a sentence praising the company in basic ways. With Sacramento Valley Appraisal, we were able to read genuine appraisal reviews from customers who have used this company. Some even used them over and over again, which is saying a lot. Their prices were really good, and we were happy to see how fair they are in their appraisals too, which was most important to us. We ended up going with them, and we were given a better appraisal than we were expecting, which helped us tremendously!

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