I actually asked a real estate agent because she had an ad that said she could find the best Westlake apartments for you. I figured she could find a nice place close to where we both work, and Westlake is close. My wife and I wanted a place with a pool, Jacuzzi, tennis courts, playground for the kids and a super nice gym. Oh, and we wanted nice big sharable spaces we could use for things such as a big birthday party or other celebration when large groups of family and friends would be coming over. No need to have a big house with a lot of space that is unused for a big portion of the year.

It is my wife and I along with our two young children and one small dog and an old cat. We are a family that sticks together through everything, and we were really looking forward to being able to move into a nice apartment. Where we were at in the city was not a great place to raise kids. I have been worried about our little ones pretty much every day we were there. The first time we saw the Westlake apartments, we were impressed. It was away from the neighborhood we were living in, and the apartments were so much nicer.

The really nice thing is that our monthly rent is not going to be increasing all that much. We were paying too much for the place we had. We were stuck in a lease that was just about to expire. We decided to go ahead and move out and pay the last two months of the lease just so we could be done with that old place. We were very happy to get the apartment we got at Westlake, and have not looked back. This place has everything we wanted in our home.

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