Have you ever lived in a trailer? It can be nice, but I have lived in them and in apartments. I prefer apartment living, and started to look for Lafayette apartments for rent. We had leased a place in a mobile park, and now we were anticipating the end of the lease so we could get back into a nice apartment. We could not afford a traditional home, so I thought a mobile home would have been the next best choice. Wrong move for us. Things do not seem as durable and made for family living. An apartment is home-like quality in a smaller space. Where we were at before, even the carpeting was thin.

When we checked out the Lafayette apartments for rent, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the quality of the materials that went into building them were of regular residential home quality. There were no cut corners or mass produced feel here. Everyone knows that any child can be rough on things. It takes a few years to teach them to be careful with things. In our trailer, the mishaps almost always lead to at least minor damage to things. Even a small spill on the floor was a big deal because the carpeting and pad were so thin. The apartments we saw were made for family living.

The doors are strong. The paint is washable. The carpeting is thick and luxurious. The countertops are durable. Even the major appliances are of family life quality. This is a place where we can just live, be happy and not worry about stuff falling apart. A lot of care and effort went into picking the materials for these nice apartments. Durability is a concern for young families. You want to be able to live in your apartment without constantly worrying about something breaking or wearing out.

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