I learned this pretty quickly once I moved out here. Of course the job I was offered seemed incredible and it would be just about any other place in the USA. However in this part of the world you can not buy half as much with your money as you could in a place like North Carolina it seems. I contacted a Palo Alto realtor about the prospect of buying a small house, hopefully one that was close to where I am working. My employer has a large campus here and I was expecting something different. I just sold a house that had belonged to my grandmother, so I had a pretty significant amount of money to spend. However it turns out that most of the houses here cost around a million dollars even if they are basically hovels. Of course a lot of the time it seems that people will spend a small fortune on a house with the intention of tearing the house down or simply giving it away to anyone who wants to move it off of the lot.

That is just the way that it is around here, so instead of buying a little house of my own I am thinking about other things that I can do. I found this guy at work who is renting a house, or actually it is the guest house of a bigger house. He showed me his extra room and offered to sublet it to me. If I had not known what the market is around here, then I would have thought his offer was outrageous, but instead I am pretty sure he was wanting me to split what he was paying. It actually makes a great deal of sense to be honest, even though it is a long way from ideal.

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