I am a certified property management manager, and I am always looking for ways to improve the properties that I oversee. I always keep a balance between keeping the owners happy as well as the tenants, and it must work because I am in high demand whenever a new complex is being considered in the area. I live and work in a region that has dozens of apartment complexes that range from as few units as eight to as many as 1,100, so new ones are always in the works.

When an investor approached my property management company about my input into a new development idea, I was on board from the very beginning. It was the first time where I was part of the team even before construction took place, and I was able to add a lot of input to what would make it stand out over the other complexes in the region. I was able to get some ideas from managing the current properties that I had at the time, but I also used a resource that is extremely valuable to me. I have been able to read about things that I would have no knowledge about otherwise.

One of the two main things that I wanted to address was security for the new complex. None of my current complexes offer it, though it is in the works right now. I suggested that this be something that the new complex has from the very beginning. I also suggested a bigger common area. I had read an article about guidelines for the best common areas, and I knew from experience that they would work. Two of the ones I manage now are much too big, and the rest are too small, which can be very challenging. I knew the right dimensions for the size of complex they are going to have because of the property management site I visit, and that is going to be implemented as well. It is great being at the beginning stages like this, as it will make my job much easier down the line.

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