My wife and I threw ourselves into our work for so many years, that it was rather rare for us to get away on vacations. I think we took two total in 20 years time. We decided we needed to change because we had earned some time for relaxation. We traveled to California and really fell hard for the Pebble Beach real estate that we had a chance to look at. We live in New York City where things are much more drab in many ways, and we loved how sunny and energetic California is.

Knowing that it would be career suicide for either one of us to give up our jobs and move, we went back home after our trip and talked on and off about buying a second home. We had been really good with our money over the years. We like to live simple and had not blown our money on things. So, we were able to save a lot. We also have the help of a consultant who is great about investing our money in ways that has been good for us, too. Without him, we may not be nearly as well off as we are now, despite all of the hard work on our end.

Once we decided that buying a second home was a good move, we called a real state agent and made an appointment to meet them the next month. We went back out to California on a Friday night. By Sunday, we found our second home and immediately filled out the contract to try to get it. Within 24 hours our contract was accepted. Our plan was to continue working with the companies we work for, and use our other home as a weekend getaway. Beyond that, our plan is to move out there full time once we retire in 5 years.

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