I knew that I needed to find a place to live quickly because of how quickly everything was happening in my life. When I applied to a job in Maryland, I thought that process would take a lot longer than the week that it actually did take. I had only a few weeks to get everything in order. Moving out of my old apartment was no problem, but I did have limited time to look at luxury apartments for Towson MD. I did not know the area that well at all, so I wanted to make sure that I learned about the town first.

After doing that, I knew which area of the town I wanted to live in. I looked at apartment complexes only in that area, and I was happy to find the Rodgers Forge Apartments complex. It has everything I want and nothing that I don’t want. I really like the layout of the apartment, and the amenities are perfect for me. I knew that my cat was going with me, so I had to make sure that it was a pet friendly apartment first, because that would have been a deal breaker for me.

The good thing is that it is pet friendly, and I even get another cat to keep her company after we get settled in here a bit more. The move here was quick, and it was no trouble at all to get used to the area. It helps that my apartment is in the location it is, because everything I could want is right there near me. Even my work is only five minutes away, which is the shortest work commute I have ever been able to take. I am really loving everything about this area, including my apartment and my new job too!

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