If you’re looking for apartments for Dallas you can do no wrong by checking out the various real estate listings and blogs in the area. I’ve found that is one of the best way to find an apartment is usually by browsing these sorts of listings but I’ve also discovered that by walking through different neighborhoods or areas where a lot of rental property can be found is also a great way to score some really sick places. My friends are always amazed that I’m able to find the places that I do (I like to move every year).

It’s amazing the kinds of places that you can find when you’re just walking around. I’m not entirely positive why they don’t go up for rent but hey, I’m not going to complain. I love being able to snag these kinds of places – it helps that I’m really more into smaller places than sprawling apartments. I try to go for a studio apartment myself over the others just because I like having a limited number of items that I consider mine. I’ve never been very impressed with owning a lot of material goods, they just get in the way of important things!

I’ve had some really rad apartments, too. One of them had a Murphy bed which is something that i always wanted when I was a kid. Another was on the third floor of this house, a loft style apartment, that had a tree growing through the middle of the deck – it kind of felt like I was living in a tree house sometimes. Then there was the place that was sort of in the basement of one place but it was this awesome little apartment with this crazy amazing shower; entirely made of stone with this incredible kitchen! I miss that one the most, I think.

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