When my friend and I first moved to the area, we didn’t have an apartment picked out. We started driving around, and ended up moving into one of the first places we saw. We were very fortunate that we just happened to stumble upon Spring Valley Las Vegas Apartments. We’ve lived here for a while now, and not a day goes by without me realizing how fortunate I truly am. Since we moved in, at least two of our friends have also decided to rent an apartment here. I think that they like the fact that it’s so close to where all of the action is. We really are located just steps away from all of the things that Vegas is known for.

What attracted me to these apartments was the types of units they had available. I liked that everything looked nice and new. After living in an apartment that was old and drafty, I was really excited to find a place that looked nice on the outside as well as the inside. It had upgraded appliances and new flooring. When my friend and I first toured the place, we immediately felt at home. By the end of the week we had signed a lease and decided that this is where we wanted to move.

Since I go to school in the area, it was really important to me that our apartment was centrally located. Getting to and from school, as well as work, is a breeze, because of where we live. I don’t have to worry about traffic and competing with other people on the road. I’m able to take the back way to wherever I need to go, because of the location of this apartment. The list goes on and on when it comes to why we moved here. The important thing is that I’m very happy we chose this home.

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