I am going to have to find a new place to live for the upcoming academic year, because I had to move out of my previous apartment for a variety of reasons. I don’t really want to get into those details, because some of them are personal,a nd some of them are also painful, and I just don’t want to discuss it right now. But what I do want to discuss, is my need for a apartment in Columbia SC that is available at a good price, but is also a nice apartment, and kind of close to campus.

The further away from campus that the apartment lies, the harder it is for me to have reliable transportation to campus, to attend my classes, on accuont of the fact that I do not have a car at the moment. I wish that I had a car, and it is something that I am currently saving up for, but the fact of the matter, is that my last car broke down and I do not have the money to fix it. Moreover, it is also such an old car, that it does not really seem to be worth the money to fix it in the first place.

Instead, I am going to have to deal with not having a car for awhile, and I am going to try to minimize the amount of public transportation that I will need to get to my classes on time. I also need to make sure that I can find a good apartment, and something that really works for me, and the way I operate. I have never had an apartment before, because this is my second year of college, and for the first year of college, I spent my time living in a dorm room.

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