I have loved music ever since I was a child. My mom has said that I was singing even before I was talking, and that is something that is easy to believe for anyone who knows me. I lived in New York up until I graduated from high school. I knew that I wanted to head south so I could chase my dreams, and both of my folks supported me. My dad even looked at apartments for rent in Nashville TN so he could help me find the one that would best for me.

Some may think that moving so far away at such a young age is not the smartest thing to do, but I was not your typical recent high school graduate either. I had been working for three years, and I had managed to save nearly 20 thousand dollars. That is how much this dream meant to me, I was willing to sacrifice things most teens like so I could have the resources I needed to go after my dreams. My dad was able to find a two bedroom apartment at a complex called The Melrose. That made my mom smile because of a show she used to watch before I was even born!

He wanted me to have two bedrooms since he knew that he and my mom would be down often to visit me. I didn’t think that any of my school friends would come that far to see me, but I had the spare room for them too, if they decided to head down. The apartment is gorgeous, and it is in a really nice area too. The best part though is that it is so close to where I can finally take that next step in my life long dream of being a musician.

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