The choice of the perfect angle for your photo makes a huge difference in the way it appears to the viewer, especially in regards to real estate photography in Nashville. Depending on what the motif of your photo is, this choice can involve different considerations. When you are focusing on one specific object (or person), your choice is mainly if you want it to appear as a major, central element (a ‘main character’), or if it plays only a minor role in your picture.One way to make an object appear big and important is to place the camera close enough to make that object appear to take up a great area of the image. Depending on whether you want to depict something as the central focus of the image or not, you can either place the camera right in front of it or shifted (e. g. so that this object appears only partly in the photo).

If you place the camera slightly below the focus of your photo (as it were looking up to it), that object appears mighty and superior. If you want an object to appear small and minor instead, I recommend you to choose a wide angle and move away a bit. Depending on how far you move away, you can make the object appear to be only a little spot in the whole picture. You can also choose a perspective or setting that allows the viewer to compare it to other objects in the immediate vicinity that are significantly larger.

Apart from the zoom and angle I would also recommend you to spend a moment to decide whether a landscape or upright format (or even a lopsided one) supports your composition best. If you are not completely sure, just try both. Do not rely on your expectations of what will turn out best. Always try out different things and experiment – there is one way to do things conventionally, but there are endless ways to create something new!

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