When I was growing up, my step mom was always happy with the butterflies that she had in the garden. She spent so much time and money in that garden. It was something that she took so much pride in. My dad and she spent every single moment that they had free in the garden when it was nice out. The winter times they would spend inside and talk about their garden for the upcoming season. She died and I knew that I was going to have to find Orem real estate agents that were going to be able to find my dad a new house that had a nice garden area with low maintenance. He said that he wanted to have a small place where he could have some pots because he would want to plant a garden if he could. I didn’t think that he would be able to find another place where he would be happy again.

My dad found a really nice place in Florida where he and his new girlfriend did not have to have any types of maintenance outside. It is a community where they pay a fee each month and that takes care of the property care. My dad does not have to ever mow his lawn or water it. He has people that come and mow the lawns all over the community and they also have built in sprinklers in the ground to water their lawn. I did like to visit the place because it was snowing back home when I went down to see them. The problem is, there is not much to do other than relax and I am a person that likes to keep busy and always stay on the go so that I do not sit and get bored.

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