I just broke up with my girlfriend, and we had been living in the same apartment. In retrospect, it seems like a bit of a mistake to move in with her, when just a few months down the line, I ended up breaking up with her. It is disappointing that things worked out this way, and I do feel a good bit of regret for what has transpired. But I will try to focus on finding a new Columbia SC apartments, as opposed to dwelling in my own misery.

I would not have ended our relationship if I saw any other option that appeared to be tenable. But rather, it seemed like the only solution to what had transpired. She broke my trust, and she hurt me bad. I just can’t assume that it will never happen again, and even though I love her, I have to protect myself. If I had stayed with her, and she had did this to me again, then there is a good chance that my very capacity to love would be at risk, and I could become some sort of bitter person not capable of living in the world in the way that other happy individuals do.

That is a whole lot of sadness, and I was going to try to avoid talking about it. I guess it just slipped out. I tend to write about what is on my mind when I am writing a blog and I guess that I do not really have any way to avoid that. But it is the case that I need to focus on finding a new apartment to live in, because I will be moving out as soon as I can get my stuff gathered up. I do want to find an apartment near campus, because I am still a student.

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