I thought it would take me a while to look at different Mykonos villas for rent and find the perfect one, but it took mere minutes. I knew that we needed to have six bedrooms because of how many of us wanted to go My husband and I along with our daughter and her best friend needed two bedrooms. My best friend and her husband, who happens to be my husband’s brother, needed the third bedroom. Their two kids needed the fourth, and my sister and her husband took the fifth bedroom. Their daughter and her best friend took the last bedroom.

Since there were so many of us, we also needed a villa that had more than just a couple of bathrooms. When I saw Ethel, one of the villas on the Super Paradise beach, I knew it was the one for us. I was able to look at pictures and read the details of the features for the Ethel villa, and I was hooked right from the start. I knew that I had to show my sister and my best friend to make sure they were okay with it too, but I already knew before looking that they would be.

It sits above the beach, offering the most gorgeous view I have ever seen in person. There is a swimming pool with a huge patio surrounding it, so we can sit out and enjoy the sun and each other even if we don’t want to get in the pool. The rooms are spacious, and any amenity we could possibly need while here was available. We even had someone come in and change our bed clothes twice while we were there. We had such an amazing time, and i know that this is one vacation that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

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