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Buying a home in Spain was one of the best things that my husband and I could have done. I had always wanted to live in Europe. My husband and I vacationed in Spain every year, and we liked it there a lot. We had purchased a time share, so it was nice because we were able to travel to a different spot in Spain each time that we went back. Two years ago my husband and I visited Barcelona for the second time. The time share that we had there was amazing. We were in the heart of the city, but at the same time we were only a few miles away from a beautiful beach. I liked it there a lot, but I did not know how my husband felt about it.

To my surprise, my husband really liked it there too, and he suggested that we look into European real estate. My husband told me that since the economy in Spain had gone down so much, that now was going to be the perfect time to purchase a home. My husband and I went to various websites to look at homes, and to our surprise, we were able to find a home that was only two minutes away from the time share that we liked so much.

My husband and I got in contact with a real estate agent and she came and she took us to see the house. It looked even better in person that it had looked in the pictures, so he and I were overjoyed by the fact that it was so perfect. We decided that we were going to make an offer on the home, and we were able to get it, and we got if for a lower price that it was originally. Now my husband and I travel to Spain about four times a year, and we rent the house out for the rest of the time.

Our house in Spain is perfect and my husband and I both agree that purchasing a home in Spain was a great idea.

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