I wanted to look at luxury apartments in Henderson NV that are close to where I work. I had been living with my mom for the last few years because I wanted to save up money and get out of debt at the same time. Now that I have done both, I knew that it was time to get established on my own again. I had managed to save up a good bit of money, especially since Mom would not let me pay anything for living with her, which is why I wanted to look at luxury apartments. I just knew that they would be a whole lot nicer than a regular apartment.

When I saw the apartments at The Edge, I knew without question that I was going to live there. I looked at the largest one bedroom unit, and it was everything I wanted. The living room is pretty huge, which is good since I have a sectional couch and a rocking chair. The kitchen is not huge, but I don’t do a lot of cooking anyway. Even if I do develop that habit, it is still big enough for my needs.

There are two things that I like best about the apartment. The first is my bedroom. It is almost as large as the living room, and it is even bigger if you include the walk in closet. It is also very private, as it is not right next to any of the rooms. It is down a small hallway, which I like. My second favorite thing is the patio. It is right off the living room, and it is almost as wide as the living room. The view is gorgeous, and I just feel really good about living here. It is a great place to get established!

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