My husband was offered a great job in Manchester a few months ago. The only problem was that he had to start immediately. I knew that we would not have enough time to sell our house and pick out a new one in Manchester in such a short time, plus we have a young daughter who wanted to finish out the school year at our old house. We decided to look at Manchester apartments and find one that would be good enough for temporary housing until we could find what we wanted there.

I did a quick search, hoping to be able to at least find a couple of complexes that we could check out in person one weekend. I was not expecting to be able to find everything I needed right there online, but that is exactly what happened. I was able to look at several different apartment complexes, and it made me so happy that we would be able to do everything without having to take several trips there. I found one that I really liked a lot, mainly because of where it was located. It is not too far from where my husband works, plus it easy to get to the mall, schools, and other businesses in the area.

When I looked at the layout of the apartments, I liked that there are so many options. We ended up getting a two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms. It is very spacious, and there is even a balcony, which is where my daughter and I love to go and read the books we get from the nearby library. This was only supposed to be temporary housing, but we are saving money by living here, and it is really nice. I think that we may just hold off on buying a house right now!

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