After finally graduating from college where I lived on campus for four years, I made the very adult decision to move into a new apartment. It felt strange to be moving into a place that I wouldn’t have to be sharing with a dorm mate, or anyone else for that matter. It would mark the very first time that I was living on my own. Finding apartments for rent in Baltimore MD turned out to be less of a headache than I had originally imagined. It’s kind of funny what some people take for granted after they’ve experienced a thing.

Most of my friends at this point in their lives have already had their own place. Multiple places, even. I was seriously stressing out over finding what I wanted and hoped to be the ‘perfect place’. I had been doing some insane research – the average cost of rent through the entire city. Where rent was going down, where it was going up and why it was going in either direction! I wanted to efficiency plot out the time I would be spending on the road going to and from work, to the store and everything in-between. As it was the first time that I would be doing something as a graduate, I was determined to make my decision the best possible one.

Because I was so focused on trying to make it the most financially efficient apartment that I could manage, I realized that I was never going to find a place. Instead, I went with a place that I felt would be comfortable, that was relatively close to work. As my first ‘real’ adult decision, it should be one that wasn’t constrained by finances as the last four years had been. It was a decision based purely on what I wanted and what I felt was a good choice! Now that did feel good.

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