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Buying a home in Spain was one of the best things that my husband and I could have done. I had always wanted to live in Europe. My husband and I vacationed in Spain every year, and we liked it there a lot. We had purchased a time share, so it was nice because we were able to travel to a different spot in Spain each time that we went back. Two years ago my husband and I visited Barcelona for the second time. The time share that we had there was amazing. We were in the heart of the city, but at the same time we were only a few miles away from a beautiful beach. I liked it there a lot, but I did not know how my husband felt about it.

To my surprise, my husband really liked it there too, and he suggested that we look into European real estate. Read the rest of this entry »

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As is the case around the world, much of the European real estate market is suffering. Individuals trying to sell their properties are having a more difficult time, and the construction of new properties is on a decline too. In this difficult market, staging a home for sale is essential. Staging can make all the difference between selling a property quickly and watching it sit on the market for months or years. Staging is as simple as removing clutter from a flat and making it look less personal. The seller has the goal of making the buyer feel at home in their flat, and this will never be accomplished if it is difficult to see the beauty due to a large amount of clutter or too many very personal items. Removing family photos from the walls, boxing up unnecessary belongings and selling or donating things the seller no longer needs can go far toward staging a flat and making it more appealing to a larger number of potential buyers. In addition to removing clutter, it is sometimes beneficial to ask for help from a professional stager. Read the rest of this entry »

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